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American Waste Transport & Recycling, Inc. has a proven record of completing complex, multitask waste management, transportation and recycling projects often under difficult conditions and in high-visibility industrial urban and residential areas.

Smith-Klein Building Project | PCB Waste Removal
We have been contracted by Delta Removal to manage the PCB waste, and Asbestos waste which is currently being generated from this site. PCBs were recycled and the Asbestos
General Electric Project | Demolition Debris Removal
Contracted to haul demolition debris from plant location in Northeast United States. Required consistent logistic waste management scheduling of trucking in combination with Demolition Contractor’s work
National Surface Cleaning | Asbestos Waste Management
We were contracted by National Surface Cleaning to manage asbestos waste and Low level PCB water waste. Estimated contract value at $45,000.00
Naval Ship Yard | Waste Management
We were contracted by Bucks Environmental to handle PCB Waste and asbestos waste being generated from this job. Contract value: $15,000.00
Bourne Bridge, Cape Cod MA | Lead Paint Waste Transport & Disposal
Contracted to Odyssey Painting Contractors to manage the transportation and disposal of Lead Paint waste. Coordinated all of the logistics of waste to be disposed
Orion Power | Non-Hazardous Waste Management
We were contracted by Philip Services, Inc to manage the non-hazardous filter cake they were producing at this site. We actually were able to have this material recycled. Contract
About Us
With headquarters in Marlton, New Jersey, American Waste Transport & Recycling, Inc. was founded in March 1991 to offer creative solutions to solve complex solid waste transportation and disposal challenges for government municipalities, large industrial companies, environmental firms and commercial customers. American Waste Transport & Recycling has developed strategic partnerships in the transportation industry to offer efficient transportation through an innovative connection between transportation and disposal sites.

Our journey began by managing the transportation and disposal of Asbestos waste from various projects from the northeastern United States. As projects came and went we have been asked to manage many projects to include lead waste, PCB waste, construction & demolition debris, and petroleum contaminated soil.

In addition to an experienced staff, American Waste Transport & Recycling, Inc.. has support and access to needed resources for any size project. Through a collaborative effort with top solid waste and transportation managers, American Waste Transport & Recycling brings together the talent and expertise from the respective industries.

American Waste Transport & Recycling, Inc. is active in several professional associations, including the National Association of Demolition Contractors as an Associate Member.
American Waste Transport & Recycling, Inc. 

230 N. Maple Ave.
Space B-1 Suite #312
Marlton, NJ 08053

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