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Demolition Company in Jacksonville Florida

J.B. Coxwell is recognized all over the country for our expert work and experience in demolition. We are licensed to demolish just about anything you can throw at us. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, we execute interior and exterior demolition and vertical building demolition all over Florida and South Georgia. Together with other construction services we create opportunities that weren’t there before. By assisting local government, and community development groups, J.B. Coxwell is also able to turn abandoned properties and rundown sites into valuable segments of the community, which in turn, provides jobs, increases property values, and increases the tax base.

At J.B. Coxwell, we specialize in providing safe and cost-effective, multifaceted, large-scale abatement, remediation, decommissioning, deconstruction, asset recovery, demolition, and site development services for a broad range of private and public clients. Our management team has a uniquely extensive, diverse depth of expertise that includes innovative technical approaches to complex problems as well as experience in construction, site development, environmental regulations, and environmental law.

We hold professional licenses as General, Utility, and Abatement Contractors and pride ourselves in meeting all the needs of our clients in a timely, flexible and professional manner. Our goal is to meet or exceed all scheduling and cost performance goals while ensuring strict compliance with all applicable health and safety regulations, taking pride in our proven history of consistently meeting the most rigorous reporting requirements.

6741 Lloyd Road West
Jacksonville, FL 32254

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