Ponte Vedra’s Premier Demolition Contractor


We specialize in expert, friendly, and professional demolition from driveway pavement to residential or commercial buildings of any size.

Project Planning

For our demolition project planning, we do the complete coordination of the pre-demolition assessment, inspection, any notifications (if required), and final disposal of the building including the foundations and the entire structure.  We also have a company owned demolition landfill, the  Area Demolition Facility, where we accept construction and demolition debris from the public.


For the actual demolition phase, our projects include a diversity of building types and sizes, ranging from pavements, structures, houses, and garages to processing plants and commercial buildings.

Site Restoration

After the demolition, we can return the area to its original state with our site restoration phase. We can do the preparatory work to accommodate the site for a new building, a new development, new street, new park or green space for its next use.

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