JACKSONVILLE, N.C. Building Demolition

JACKSONVILLE, N.C.  – The owner of a Jacksonville used furniture store says a massive fire on Monday was caused during a state inspection of their mattress sanitizer.

Fire crews spend hours trying to extinguish the blaze at Sam’s Furniture on Lejeune Boulevard.

Sam Bright says he’s been in the building for the past 47 years and has no plans to rebuild.

The business is licensed to sell used mattresses, but state law says they must be sanitized in a room at 230°. Bright says he was trying to pass a state inspection when he and the inspector saw flames and things quickly got out of hand.

Overnight crews demolished much of the building and Lejeune Boulevard was able to reopen.

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Crews are preparing to demolish what is left of a furniture store in Jacksonville after a large fire on Tuesday afternoon.

The battle to put out the devastating fire lasted well into the night Tuesday, and officials say that the remaining structure is too dangerous to leave.

Sam’s Furniture in Jacksonville has been a staple in the community for decades, but now that building is little more than history after the blaze left it a total loss.

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