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Recently had a pipe burst? Got water or fire damage from a hurricane or natural disaster? Are you a contractor needing equipment for a mold cleanup or water remediation project? We’ve got you covered. No matter what your needs, we are here to provide you with quality service at affordable rates.

Your 24 hour source for Water and Fire Cleanup Equipment Rentals

We offer HEPA Air Scrubbers, High Velocity Dry Out Fans, HEPA Air Scrubber Replacement Filters and HEPA Oil for enhanced air purification. You pick and choose what you need for your cleanup project and we will deliver directly to the you, complete with all the accessories and features necessary to get you up and going.

No Gimmicks. No Hassle Ordering.

Upfront Pricing

Just as you want to clean the air after a water or fire problem, we strive to clear the air about ordering the equipment you need. Our pricing is clearly listed in our form below, making your order easy to understand with no surprises.

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  • A powerful air scrubber and negative air machine offering high efficiency air filtration and extreme versatility – all with a small footprint. $19.97 Delivery Fee per unit.
  • This unit is a beast for airing out damp areas, drying paint, or moving air in work zones. These high velocity air movers are ideal for flood remediation and water restoration work. $19.97 Delivery Fee per unit.
  • Price: $97.97
  • Air scrubbers require regular maintenance to perform at their peak, so we offer a selection of replacement HEPA air filters to ensure you always have the best of the best when running our air scrubbers. When you use the best filters in your Red Sky HEPA 550 Air Scrubber, you can continue to expect outstanding performance. $19.97 Delivery Fee per item.
  • Price: $23.97
  • HEPA Oil provides an extra boost to our Red Sky HEPA 550 Air Scrubbers. As the air scrubbers clean the air, essential oils are dispersed throughout the space to help deodorize and refresh your property. With anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, HEPA Oil is the perfect natural enhancement to your restoration and cleaning process. $19.97 Delivery Fee per item.

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Your 24 hour source for Water and Fire Cleanup Equipment Rentals

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