Macy’s Department Store Demolition

The Alton Square Mall has been seeing a lot more than holiday shoppers recently as Low Country Unlimited, based in Charleston, South Carolina, continues demolition of the former Macy’s location.

The crew said they’re currently in the process of separating metal and other recyclable materials, filling up a dumpster every 30 to 45 minutes.

“That’s mainly what demolition is, a recycling process,” one Low Country employee said. “Mainly we gut the building and get all the trash out to make it easier when we drop it.”

Once the gutting and recycling process is complete, the crew will “break the legs” from under the building, allowing it to ease down until they can pull it down from the top.

“Once it starts coming down, it comes down fast,” crew members said. “From beam to beam we’ll take it down. This beam to that beam, that will be a bay then we take it down one bay at a time. That way we can control everything.”

Once the demolition team starts tearing down the bays they said the process will be pretty quick and mostly just separating the metal and concrete.

Posted on December 1, 2017 in