Should of Contracted Arwood Waste – Silverdome still stands tall

Posted: 9:14 a.m. Sunday, December 03, 2017

Since the Detriot Lions moved into Ford Field back in 2001, the Pontiac Silverdome has been sitting mostly vacant as they tried to figure out what its future might hold.
On Sunday, the Silverdome was scheduled to be demolished but things didn’t exactly go as planned. With cameras rolling for the always entertaining spectacle of a large-scale implosion, in typical Detroit style, a series of charges went off and the Silverdome remained largely unscathed.

Planned demolition of the Pontiac Silverdome’s upper ring (apparently) unsuccessful as charges go off but the metal beams do not come down. Details @WWJ950
— Jon Hewett (@JonHewettWWJ) December 3, 2017

The Lions called the Silverdome home from 1975-2001 and the building sat largely vacant in the 16 years since they’ve moved out. However, there have been a number of attempts to revive it as a viable venue for various sporting events and Monster Jams.

The Silverdome even got an upgrade from astroturf to field turf when the Pittsburgh Steelers used it as a practice facility prior to Super Bowl 40. The parking lot also was used for a drive-in movie theater at various points since.

However, an inability to attract major events led to the foreclosure and auction of the property and the historic building was condemned for demolition. Yet, this long-time staple of life in Detroit decided to cling to life for at least a little while longer.

Unfortunately, conducting the demolition becomes considerably more difficult with the structure weakened making setting additional charges extremely dangerous.

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