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Roll Off Dumpsters in Oklahoma City, OK

1001 South Rockwell Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73128

Whether you are a large commercial contractor or a homeowner clearing out the garage, roll off construction dumpsters are ideal for any project size. We offer a range of roll off dumpsters all at an affordable price.

Roll off dumpsters are ideal for commercial construction sites as well as for removing debris from home renovations, re-roofing jobs, foreclosures and more. You can choose containers as small as 10 cubic yards, perfect for smaller home renovations or yard waste cleanup, up to 40 cubic yard construction containers holding 5 tons of debris. We also provide recycling services for clean heavy debris, tree or yard debris, scrap metals, cardboard, paper, tires or even plastic.

Portable Toilet and Curbside Waste Collection

Roll Off dumpsters are delivered by truck to your site and emptied as frequently as you need. Each of our roll off dumpsters are filled from the open top and equipped with heavy pickup hooks and guide rollers with grease fittings for easy loading and unloading.  After we deliver your roll off dumpster to you on-site, you fill it up and we will take it away.

Learn more about renting your own roll off container dumpster.  Find out which rental dumpster size, type and service will work for you.

Roll Off Dumpster Sizes

10 Yard

Our 10 yard top loading dumpster rentals are at an affordable price and they are perfect for junk removal, or your next small construction or landscaping project.

Size: Their compact size makes them easy to fill without consuming too much property space. Only 4 feet high and 10 feet long, these dumpsters hold approximately 5 full size pick-up truck loads.

Usage: They are ideal for projects such as flooring from a small room, clearing out a garage, or getting rid of small amounts of general household items.

15 Yard

Our 15 yard top loading dumpster rental is larger than the 10 yard but still compact and easy to load. If you are unsure if the 10 yard dumpster is large enough, this size provides a unique compromise between the 10 yard and the 20 yard dumpster.

Size: Four feet high and 12 feet long, the 15 yard container holds approximately 7 pick-up truck loads of debris.

Usage: It is perfect for small basement, attic or garage cleanup, flooring or carpet removal, yard debris, small kitchen or bathroom remodel and much more.

20 Yard

Our 20 yard top loading dumpster rentals are our most popular and are used for medium sized home renovations and projects.

Size: These dumpsters are 4.5 feet high and 22 feet long and hold approximately 10 full size pick-up truck loads.

Usage: This size can hold concrete, siding, landscape debris, brick, flooring or old carpet, or roofing debris from a large home.  It’s great for hoarder clean out projects and is also commonly used for property management and tenant move-outs.

30 Yard

Our 30 yard top loading dumpster rentals are perfect for small construction sites, major demolition projects or a new home construction.

Size: These spacious dumpsters are 6 feet high and 22 feet long and hold enough debris for approximately 15 full size pick-up trucks.

Usage: This size can handle anything from large cleanup projects and commercial construction, to manufacturing facilities and roadside construction. The 30 yard dumpsters are also commonly used for property management tenant move-outs. If you are starting a major home addition, demolition of a garage, large home clean out or a commercial clean out, the 30 yard is perfect for the job.

40 Yard

These construction dumpsters can handle your largest renovation projects and commercial construction sites.

Size: Our 40 yard roll off dumpsters are our largest size dumpster topping out at 8 feet high, 22 feet long and holding approximately 5 tons of debris.

Usage: If you are undertaking a large-scale land clearing project, a total home or commercial demolition, or a massive storm cleanup these dumpsters are what you need. Commercial dumpsters are also commonly used in warehouse loading docks or other industrial facilities such as power plants and paper mills.

Oklahoma City, OK Roll -Off and Commercial Dumpsters Portable Toilet Temporary Fencing, Restroom Trailers, Septic Pumpouts, Potable Storage Rental and Curbside Waste Collection

Office Nationwide Pricing

Keeping You and the Environment Safe

The new Global Garbage Man Day slogan “Keeping You and the Environment Safe”http://www.garbagemanday.org/  captures the true mission of these individuals. It also strikes at the heart of why we celebrate the women and men in the waste management industry. Performing their jobs day in and day out with excellence keeps our local communities and the world at large safe and clean. Many people may not realize the enormous environmental impacts of recycling programs or how their local sanitation workers are positively impacting the world’s environment. Why do you Love Your Garbage Man? Because they are “Keeping You and the Environment Safe”!

Join Team TAKE OUT THE TRASH http://www.letstakeoutthetrash.com/#scream

Use hashtag #TAKEOUTTHETRASH on Social Media platforms, follow us on Instagram, YouTube , Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat and go out of your way to speak to your local sanitation workers when you are out and about.


Report Missed Trash or to Request a New Big Blue Bin 

When is my bulk waste pickup?

Recycling Information

Weekly Trash

Big Blues should be on the curb with lids closed by 6 a.m. on your collection day. All trash, including bagged yard waste, should be inside Big Blue with lids closed. It’s a good idea to set them out late in the evening before.

Big Blue carts should face the street but not be in the street. Make sure trash trucks can get to your cart. Place it at least five feet from obstacles, such as mailboxes, shrubs, fire hydrants and cars. It’s best not to park in the street on collection day. Put empty carts away by 8 p.m. the next day.

Need another Big Blue?
A second Blue costs you nothing. You’ll be billed for each cart more than two. Call (405) 297-2833 to order.


Bulk Waste

Almost anything that won’t fit in Big Blue will be hauled away on your monthly Bulky Waste day. Set big junk or debris at your usual curbside spot, about an arm’s length from the curb.

No charge for the first four cubic yards – a pile about the size of two refrigerators or six clothes dryers. You’ll be charged for each additional cubic yard of bulky waste.


Here’s what we can pick up

  • large and small household appliances
  • furniture
  • carpets
  • large cardboard boxes (broken down and tied into tight bundles)
  • mattresses
  • trees and limbs
  • fencing
  • non-contracted remodeling waste (that is, leftovers from do-it-yourself projects – sorry, we do not accept rocks, bricks, dirt or concrete )

Appliances containing Freon, such as old refrigerators and air conditioners, will be picked up on monthly bulk waste collection day by special arrangement. Call customer service at (405) 297-2833 to request the pickup.

We can’t pick up

  • hospital/medical waste
  • oils
  • poisons
  • acids and caustics
  • explosives
  • bricks, dirt, rocks and concrete
  • sewage and liquid waste
  • nuclear materials
  • gasoline, kerosene and other fuels
  • propane tanks
  • degreasers
  • lubricants
  • tires and rims
  • brake fluid
  • antifreeze
  • car batteries
  • automobile frames
  • crankcases or transmissions
  • rust remover
  • pool chemicals
  • pesticide
  • fertilizer
  • sheetrock or roofing items
  • contracted tree and grass trimmings
  • contracted construction, reconstruction, demolition and repair waste

Some of these items can be taken to the City’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center. See the list of accepted items on its website.

Unverified Rental Service Providers

Fer Waste Service LLC
5055 S Eastern Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73129
(405) 619-3701
First Star Inc
2020 NE 4th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73117
(405) 272-9478
Wca Waste Corporation of Oklahoma
1001 S Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73128
(405) 495-0800
Okie Disposal
2640 S High Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73129
(405) 672-3717
Waste Connections Inc
4625 S Rockwell St, Oklahoma City, OK 73179
(405) 745-2942
Basin Environmental
3120 S. Meridian Ave., OKC, OK 73119
(405) 232-5737
Oklahoma City City of
420 W Main St, Oklahoma City, OK 73102
(405) 297-2833
Sea Coast Disposal Inc
6401 S Eastern Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73149
(405) 619-7990
Construction Containers
2413 N Sooner Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73141
(405) 478-8838
Garbage Service
5930 NW 49th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73122
(405) 789-6307

Info for Oklahoma City Residents looking to Rent a Waste Container

Trash hauling service is provided by a combination of the city and contracted waste haulers.

The city provides trash and recycling services to about 69,000 customers, and contracts out the work to other waste haulers who serve about 91,000 customers in rural areas.

The city offers bulk waste pick-up each month, but charges a fee for anything over 4 cubic yards.

For construction, demolition, and general household clean-outs, you can choose any licensed dumpster rental company for the job.

Keep the dumpster and surrounding area neat and clean.

The Oklahoma City Code Enforcement office enforces ordinances related to trash and waste removal. The main thing to keep the area clean and free of loose debris or overflowing dumpsters.

If you need to have a dumpster placed in the public right-of-way, such as a street, you may need to obtain a permit. Your dumpster rental provider can help you out with this process, if necessary.

The city offers comprehensive recycling options.

Oklahoma City offers a list of recyclers that accept a wide range of items for recycling, so consider recycling waste and debris whenever possible.

Contact the Solid Waste Management Division of Oklahoma City

Trash Collection
11501 N. Portland Ave
Oklahoma City, OK, 73120

Phone: (405) 297-2833
Fax: (405) 755-8946

How much does it cost to rent a dumpster?

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