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Driveway and Concrete Removal

We provide demolition services not only for driveways but concrete sidewalks, patios, slabs and more. If you are looking to rebuild your driveway, reshape your existing patio, or remove your sidewalk,Arwood Waste of Yulee guarantees a job well done at an affordable price.

With our expert experience and tested methods, Arwood Waste of Yulee will cut, remove and dispose any concrete structure. If you are not looking to remove your entire driveway, we can easily cut the existing structure for partial concrete removals or repairs.

Patios, Sidewalks and more for your Backyard

We offer precision concrete cutting for existing driveways, sidewalks and patios adding flexibility and creativity in your landscape design.

Once the concrete is removed,Arwood Waste of Yulee recycles and reuses the debris to provide you with a cheap and responsible solution for concrete disposal. Sending concrete to a landfill will be costly. Most landfills weigh your debris and charge you accordingly. Then, the useless concrete will take up space in your landfill and may never completely degrade. Instead Arwood Waste of Yulee takes the concrete to a recycling facility where concrete recyclers crush and reuse the concrete as an aggregate in new cement.

We guarantee a thorough job with minimum environmental impact for any budget. Located throughout the United States, look for Arwood Waste of Yulee in your hometown or a town near you.

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Severe Storms, Flooding and High Winds

Natural disasters can strike anywhere and anytime, destroying whole structures and leaving communities without power or transportation. Living in North Florida and Southern Georgia, we that all too well!

It’s difficult times like these when you need reliable and fast demolition service to safely remove debris and open avenues of communication and transportation to critical areas.

Arwood Waste of Yulee assists in emergency cleanup, safely clears wreckage and debris and excavates destroyed areas to prepare for rebuilding. Arwood Waste of Yulee is there for you when a natural disaster unexpectedly strikes your hometown. We want to help put you back on your feet – quickly and affordably.

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When You Have a Disaster

Arwood Waste of Yulee has the expertise and equipment to provide thorough cleanup and debris removal of affected areas. Whether you have uprooted trees, fallen electrical poles, concrete debris or unstable structures, Arwood Waste of Yulee provides you with safe service and fast response. We first identify potential hazards of the disaster area and strategize the most effective cleanup process. Then we work together with local contractors to quickly remove debris and clear channels of communication.

How to Cleanup

In any emergency cleanup effort,debris removal is the first essential step to stabilizing a disaster area. Arwood Waste of Yulee provides debris removal and disposal in a timely manner to ensure a quick response. We have the equipment ready and the seasoned experience to start any cleanup effort as soon as possible. As the cleanup process unfolds, we safely dispose of the wreckage and recycle eligible materials. No matter where you are located in North Florida and South Georgia or how severe the situation, Arwood Waste of Yulee has the manpower and expertise to reach you.

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Time to Rebuild

After the initial cleanup of an emergency area, it is important to quickly rebuild and restore the damage. Before rebuilding process can begin a disaster site must be excavated and prepared for construction. Arwood Waste of Yulee not only clears debris but prepares disaster sites for contractors to rebuild structures. With our equipment already on site, we can prepare the foundation, dig new basements or remove sunken structures for a full excavation. Arwood Waste of Yulee will see the job through from disaster to rebuild.  We guarantee a complete and rapid rehabilitation.

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Demolition Experts in Yulee, FL

Time to remove your swimming pool?

Arwood Waste of Yulee will give you reliable and comprehensive service at an affordable rate. Removing your swimming pool can reduce hazards and liability, expand the number of potential homebuyers, eliminate costly upkeep and give you more yard space for lawn activities.

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Our demolition experts specialize in cost effective concrete removal to save you time and money. With our experience, we can demolish and fill in any size in-ground or above-ground swimming pool.

How to Remove a Swimming Pool

  1. First, Arwood Waste of Yulee researches the permits and stipulations of Yulee, FL before we begin removing your swimming pool.
  2. Then we drain the swimming pool by drilling through the concrete, allowing the water to escape.
  3. Next, we remove the structure and fill in the open space.

Partial Pool Removal

A simple and less costly method of pool removal is the partial swimming pool removal. For this method, concrete is removed while the rest of the pool area is packed with gravel and soil.

Full Pool Removal

We can also provide a full demolition and removal of your swimming pool. Instead of simply removing the top few feet of concrete, the entire structure is broken up and removed.


Excess concrete will be recycled and reused, saving you money and keeping concrete out of landfills. We guarantee a thorough job with minimum environmental impact for any budget.

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How will the pool be removed?

In both cases the following will need to be done:  The pool will need to be emptied, the affected area will need to have an underground locate to assure no utilities are in place, a permit will need to be in place for the demolition and in some markets a plumbing disconnect will be requires.  The decision to abandon vs. exhume is based on the comfort of the customer and the planned usage of the area after the demolition is completed.  In all cases the home owner will be required to disclose the existence of a pool to potential buyers even though this is of public record.  If you have elected to use the effected property for expansion of your home or any use that requires the placement of footers you would probably want to consider the exhuming process, general usage usually lends more to an abandonment.  If you are building on this area it’s critical that you get your general contractor involved in this decision prior to your committing to a format of removal.


Between 95 and 98 % of all pool demolitions fall in this category.  The principle reason is cost.  This process involves the use of our skid loader and is completed after we arrive at a drained pool cavity although we do provide the draining of the pool at an al a carte pricing.  The skid loader opens one end of the pool and then uses some of the dirt that will be used as a backfill in the abandoned pool cavity to build a ramp into the pool.  At that point the skid loader begins punching holes in the bottom of the pool to allow future drainage.  Once the holes are in place then the cool deck area is pushed into the bottom of the abandoned cavity.  The skid loader then hammers and removes the top 2 to 3 feet of the pool and pushes that into the cavity.  At that point dirt is placed into the pool and we use a stepping process which is about 2 feet of dirt placed into the pool cavity and then compacted with the machine.  Eventually the entire pool cavity is filled and a small golf ball or belly effect is left to allow any additional settlement.  We traditionally leave the pool area in a back dragged fashion although many customers want us to provide a turnkey job up to and including fence replacement and sod or seeding of the disturbed area.


This process requires the total removal of the cavity and we must accomplish this with a track loader or an excavator.  The entire pool is removed and hauled away and the entire cavity is filled with dirt.  This process generally runs about twice the cost of an abandonment given the need for both pieces of equipment, the loss of the concrete fill and it’s transportation to a recycling facility and the need for twice the dirt used in a basic abandonment.  Again, we can offer the work a la carte, including the pool draining, permitting, fence replacement and sodding.

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Building Demolition

If you need complete home removal, leveling of a shopping center, or demolishing an out-of-commission industrial plant in Yulee, FL we have the personnel, years of experience, and equipment to ensure a safe and complete demolition. Whether by implosion or traditional methods, we have the knowledge and expertise to complete any commercial, residential orindustrial demolition job. From knocking down walls, porches, or additions, to demolishing entire houses, strip malls, or industrial parks, no job is too large or small in Yulee, FL for our demolition experts.

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Residential Demolition

Not all residential demolitions are condemned houses. Historic and remolded homes may contain harmful asbestos, lead pain, PCBs and mercury which cause serious health risks. A partial or total home demolition could be the best solution to completely remove these hazards from your home.

Choosing a qualified and reliable demolition contractor is vital. The days of traditional cranes with wrecking balls are over.  We use up-to-date equipment such as hydraulic shears, concrete processors, hammers, grapples, and magnets to give you the most precise and safe home demolition. For more information, call 904-751-2177 Toll Free.

Each demolition project is carefully planned and organized for proper permitting in Yulee, FL, appropriate equipment and responsible cleanup for a successful demolition. Our demolition experts will also excavate the newly cleared site for easy rebuilding.

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Commercial Demolition

If you are looking to demolish a larger structure such as a strip mall, a shopping complex, a Wal-Mart or a school we have the experience and resources you need. Larger demolition projects require experienced and seasoned contractors to carefully plan and execute every demolition.

After destroying the commercial site, cleanup crews will sort and recycle as much concrete and other materials as possible. We are concerned not only for the efficiency and success of the demolition project but also the environmental impact to Yulee, FL. We strive to minimize potential hazards both during the demolition and once the debris is removed.

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Industrial Demolition

Large demolition projects such as industrial parks, factory warehouses, sewer plants and electrical fields require teams of experienced personnel and reputable contractors working together to ensure a safe and successful demolition. Our demolition professionals give you resources specific to Yulee, FL to guarantee a successful and safe finish.

Before one brick is overturned, a great deal of time and energy must be devoted to the engineering and pre-planning phase in order to identify environmental issues, public safety and health risks, personnel safety and cleanup/recycling processes. Many industrial parks contain hazardous waste and steel debris that must be properly handled and disposed.

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Responsible Cleanup

Once the building is destroyed, crews will carefully begin cleaning up and recycling the debris. For major projects as these, a trustworthy and reliable contractor is essential. Call Dependable Demolition at 904-751-2177 Toll Free. We have the service and expertise to see any building demolition job from beginning to end.

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Demolition Services by Arwood Waste of Yulee

46026 Landfill Rd.
Callahan, FL 32011

Responsible, Quality Clean Up

We offer total demolition services packages for North Florida and Southeast Georgia. Demolition projects are done professionally with recycling and conservation in mind. Our simple and quality junk removal services are available right where you are. You provide us with the project and we deliver pre-screened, licensed, insured, and reputable local demolition contractors.

We offer safe and cost effective services for the commercial, industrial, and residential arenas using state of the art recycling services for a wide array of materials: concrete, brick, wood and more.

Disaster Cleanup

Let us help with timely debris removal from storms and disasters. Quick clean up can help the rebuilding process get started quicker.

Driveway, Concrete Removal

Demolition and disposal of concrete or asphalt does not have to be difficult. Often these material can be recycled from driveways, sidewalks, etc. and put to good use.

Swimming Pool Removal

Let a professional guide you through the best way to remove or cover a pool no longer in use. We specialize in demolition and removal of any style of swimming pool.

Residential and House Demolition

Everything from house demolition to smaller structural wrecking and removal like sheds, garages, decks, etc. can be taken care of. Hire a professional who knows what permits and requirements are in place to free your space up for something new.

Commercial & Industrial Demolition

Revitalizing city streets starts with the proper, clean and safe demolition of old commercial buildings. We are skilled at the removal of larger structures such as shopping strips or office buildings.

It is often necessary to demolish industrial parks, factory warehouses, sewer plants, electrical fields, etc. These highly specialized projects require an expert demolition company.

Other Interior Demolition

Renovation projects such as kitchens, bathrooms, walls, flooring, etc. are easier with qualified demolition contractors.

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Demolition Experts in Yulee, FL

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