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John D. Arwood is President of Arwood Waste, a local waste disposal and demolition company in Jacksonville, FL and Arwood Waste National, a nationwide waste management and portable sanitation provider. Getting his start at a young age collecting, reusing, and recycling glass bottles, scrap metals and wood while working alongside his father, John Arwood learned the foundations that have led to over 30 years of success in the waste disposal and sanitation industry. Arwood has always been a forward thinker, an innovator, an entrepreneur who cares about the environment and the people around him.

Our Temporary Roll-off Containers and Permanent Self-Contained/Compactor Roll-Off Rental Services are available in all the surrounding counties.

  • We perform our waste collection services with state-of-the-art equipment, operated by highly skilled waste handling experts.
  • Our roll-off trucks are equipped with top of the line hoisting and self-tarping mechanisms.
  • On-Line account information and rental payment options available.
  • Clean, safe, efficient, and on-time professional service regardless of where you are or the size of your business.


Temporary roll-off dumpster containers are perfect for the removal of trash, new construction, remodeling, demolition and land clearing debris, as well as concrete removal. We offer a variety of sizes to suit your unique needs.

Garbage and Recycling Compaction Compactors


As part of our commitment to exceptional customer service, we equip all of our trucks with the latest GPS tracking & location systems. We also equip specific trucks with video camera systems that provide real-time streaming and imaging.

Arwood Waste leases, sells, and services a variety of compaction equipment, or if you own your compactor, Arwood Waste can service it for you. Compactors are fully enclosed waste containers that utilize a mechanical “corkscrew” within the container to compact the waste to maximize the amount of materials that can be loaded in it. Most customers that utilize a compactor generate a high volume of waste or recyclable material and use to their advantage zero airspace in a load of debris. The immediate cost of a compactor is higher than open top roll off containers; however, the investment is rewarded though savings in the reduced number of hauls needed. Furthermore, commercial and industrial customers that use Arwood’s for compactor service are receiving the guaranteed best customer service in the industry, the most competitive pricing, and the most well maintained equipment.

We are the Franchised Hauler, committed to providing convenient, prompt and affordable dumpster rental services to Duval, Clay, St Johns, Nassau, Baker, Bradford and Union Counties in Florida and Camden and Glynn counties in Georgia we are fully licensed and insured.

We offer 15, 20, 30 & 40 yard dumpsters. Our 15 yd dumpster is the most popular size. Our 15 yard dumpster size is generally carried on a single axle rear end truck that is easier on your landscaping and concrete surfaces. Our single axle trucks are lighter residential projects and  the larger dual axle Mack trucks demolition and large commercial projects..

Porta-Potties & Handwash-Stations

Your local team at Arwood Waste Services is devoted to meeting your needs every day. We’re dedicated to providing cost-effective garbage collection, recycling and solid waste disposal solutions for your home, business or government entity.

Arwood Waste offers mobile restrooms in North Florida  and the South East Georgia. When you take advantage of our portal potty rentals, you will have several options from which you can choose. We offer a variety of units including standard restrooms, high-rise units and deluxe flush-ables.Whether you need one restroom for a few people, or many for a large event, we can help! Nothing is more important to us than customer satisfaction and we are happy to work with each client on a personal basis. No job is too big or too small for our team and we can quickly transport our restrooms directly to your location in the Jacksonville area.

Browse our complete selection of mobile restroom units below and choose which one is right for you. We are always here to help when you need us most and we are available to provide our clients with more information at a moment’s notice. For additional details, or to place a rental order, contact us today!

Toilet Rental Services

Arwood Waste offers many different rental services. As a locally owned and operated company, we can cater to your needs easily. We deliver and pick up all of our products in a timely and efficient manner. Our products include:

  • Portable Toilet Rentals, Sink Rentals, Temporary Holding Tanks for Trailers or RVs, Holding Tanks Rentals, Lift Units and Sinks
  • Construction Rentals: Commercial and Residential
  • Private Builders and Homeowners
  • Special Event Rentals: Parties, Picnics, Class Reunions, Weddings, Family Reunions, Funerals, Etc.
  • Commercial Special Events: Carnivals, Car Events, Park Rentals, Horse Shows, Sporting Events; Football Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, etc.
  • Permanent Rentals: Stock Yards, Lay-down Yards, Truck Stops, etc

Restrooms Trailer Rentals & Leases

Arwood Waste’s Restroom Trailers have always been, quite simply, beyond compare. Today they are better than ever by featuring first class accommodations, and providing all the comforts you would find at home. These beautiful luxury restroom trailers feature heating and air conditioning, powered ventilation, house-grade doorknobs, and private stalls. With amenities like televisions, stereos, porcelain toilets, the latest Dyson brand hand dryers, and glass bowl sinks with hands-free features they are sure to delight even the most distinguished guests. You will find we went the extra mile everywhere you look. Arwood’s has even made it possible to have your event more expressive by playing a wedding related video on the televisions, or even play live broadcast coverage of your sports event so your attendees never miss a moment.

Nation-wide demolition services.

 Every one of our Employees is focused to achieve continuous improvements. The versatility of the Arwood Waste fleet allows us to be able to serve any Customer need. We are able to provide a comprehensive range of waste collection systems involving a large variety of vehicles and equipment. Each one is specifically designed to provide individualized service to each homeowner or to an entire City. Every facet of our operation is geared toward providing “whatever it takes” to service our Customers demands!

Unverified Waste Removal Companies & Services

Advanced Disposal Services
4905 Belfort Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32256
(904) 296-9021
Waste Disposal Services LLC
9816 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32246
(904) 423-0832
Apex Auto Salvage & Recycling
14160 Gossett St, Jacksonville, FL 32218
(904) 757-3564
Quick Stop Recycling
603 East 8th Street, Jacksonville, FL 32206
(904) 358-2460
International Waste Control Inc
10418 New Berlin Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32226
(904) 696-9694
Middleburg Garbage Service
4710 Dignan St, Jacksonville, FL 32254
(904) 272-8872
Southland Waste
218 Morgan Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32254
(904) 350-8100
Econowaste Inc
5252 Shawland Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32254
(904) 378-0927
River City Services, Inc.
11657 Falling Leaf Trail, Jacksonville, FL 32258
(904) 268-6347
Norms Backhoe
Jacksonville, FL
(904) 277-3694

Jacksonville Residents can choose any Licensed Dumpster Rental Company

Jacksonville contracts its residential trash collection services to select waste haulers

The city works with several different waste haulers of which you are free to choose from. You can see the current list here, or call (904) 630-2489 to find an approved waste hauler in your area.

You are free to rent a dumpster from any licensed dumpster rental company

To dispose of any waste other than construction and demolition (C&D) debris and recyclables, you are free to hire any licensed roll off dumpster rental company you please.

You must choose a franchised waste hauler at the link above to dispose of all other materials.

Disposing of more than 40 pounds of construction/building debris requires hiring a rubbish removal company

The city doesn’t allow more than 40 pounds or more than 1 cubic yard of construction debris or building materials to be disposed of in household trash. You would have to either rent a dumpster to dispose of the material, haul the material to the landfill yourself or hire  www.ArwoodWaste.com to do it for you.

More tips on renting a dumpster in Jacksonville, FL

What type of waste is not allowed in a dumpster?

Certain wastes are banned from dumpsters for environmental reasons. Local, state and federal laws govern what’s allowed to be dumped at landfills and disposal services must stick to these guidelines. These are the most common prohibited items:

  • Household hazardous wastes (HHW), such as cleaners, bleach, paint and other chemicals
  • Automobile fluids, such as motor oil, antifreeze and brake fluid
  • Explosives, such as fireworks
  • Any flammable liquid
  • Sealed 55-gallon barrels
  • Scrap tires
  • Lead-acid batteries (e.g., car batteries)
  • Debris containing asbestos
  • Certain appliances that contain toxic chemicals, such as refrigerators containing Freon

Commercial Disposal Service in Jacksonville, FL

Compare the going rate for commercial dumpsters to Arwood Waste and then you will call 904-751-2177 to make the change!

It varies by location and by dumpster size. A company which offers 2-cubic-yard service for $100 per month may charge $225-$250 per month for 8-cubic-yard commercial dumpster service.

Commercial trash service rates may vary depending upon the type of establishment (e.g., restaurant, apartment building or retail store). Some wastes are more expensive to dispose of or require special handling, such as organic food wastes or medical wastes. This is another major factor in determining your rate.

Monthly fees usually include the container, scheduled pick-ups and a set weight allowance. A weekly pickup schedule is common, but it can vary based on your location, container size and the waste hauler’s route schedule.

Example of pricing for a medium-sized restaurant: Arwood Waste is half the price of its competitors. AW’s price $35

  • 2 cubic yard: $60-$120 per month AW’s price $35
  • 4 cubic yard: $110-$150 per month AW’s price $45
  • 6 cubic yard: $125-$175 per month AW’s price $65
  • 8 cubic yard: $175-$250 per month AW’s price $95

(This pricing is based on service costs in various locations across the country. The rates in your area may be outside the range of the figures above.)


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