Innovation and social consciousness are becoming more important in people’s choice for a hotel. The consideration of an integrated waste solution to include recycling and compost, whether behind the scenes or in guest rooms, can make your hotel greener and more desirable to eco-conscious guests.

Arwood Waste is the only American Family Owned Waste provider to offer a comprehensive diversion program to include single-stream recycling and compost of food and yard waste.

AW works with back-of-house staff to understand what can be recycled and composted from food preparation and hospitality areas, and will train employees to answer questions about accepted materials. Including recycling and food waste composting in guest suites allows your hotel to clearly show it’s green initiatives and encourage guest participation.

AW has a proven track record of implementing diversion programs, which lead to over 90% diversion rates. The program can be full circle when compost produced through the diversion program is reapplied to plants and gardens at the hotel. These sustainable practices will showcase your commitment to eco-friendly practices that guests look for when choosing an environmentally responsible place to stay.

Posted on November 12, 2015 in