Demolition & Recycling

Demolition & Recycling

Nation-wide demolition services.

Single Stream Recycling

Our state of the art sorting and processing facility allows us to accept a variety of material including newspaper, junk mail, magazines, cardboard, glass bottles and jars, plastic containers, tin and aluminum cans.

Some items can carry the recycling symbol, but may not be accepted at this facility. To find out where to recycle other items not included in our program like batteries, electronic waste, ink cartridges, propane tanks, tires, light bulbs, etc, please visit our “Arwood Waste” section.

To find out more about what happens to your recyclables, check out our state of the art Arwoods .


Residential Recycling

Many of our communities offer a curbside program. Please enter your town or zip code on the Home page to see if recycling is available in your area or to download your recycle schedule.


Commercial Recycling

Businesses may also benefit from our recycling services. Individual programs can be set up based on the needs of your business. Check out our new Website portal program.

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