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What is Residential Demolition?

Residential Demolition is removing a part or whole of a residential property. This type of demolition can consist of a simple bathroom remodel, garage/out buildings demolition, driveway removal, swimming pool removal or the demolition and removal of an entire structure. A majority of residential demolition is done because a house in no longer habitable, house fires, or storm damage. In some cases, homes that are vacant and not suitable for living must be demolished to prevent costly citations from local government organizations.

Selecting a Residential Demolition Contractor

Residential Demolition must always be performed by a fully licensed and insured demolition contractor or demolition company. A majority of residential demolition is done using small excavators and skid steers with the use of dump trucks or roll off trucks for hauling of debris. All of these machines must be operated by trained professionals to ensure a safe/accident free demolition project.

Steps for Residential House Demolition

  • Environmental Inspection- This is the first step in any residential project to ensure there is no hazardous materials are present. This is required in most states before a demolition permit can be obtained.
  • Utility Locate and Disconnect- In most states it is a free service to have your utilities located. A phone number can be found in your local phone book listed as “Call before you dig”. Disconnects must be done by each provider of utility service to your property.
  • Permit- A demolition permit must be obtained from your local city/county permits office. This is usually done by the demolition contractor selected to perform the work.
  • Now it’s time for DEMOLITION- Once complete, your property will be free of all trash and debris. Backfilling the foot print of the house is sometimes required when the project is complete. Be sure your contractor includes this in his proposal.

Recycling and Waste

In the current age of environmental awareness it is important your demolition contractor is knowledgeable of material with salvage or recycling value. Any material that can be diverted from our overcrowding landfills by salvaging and reselling or recycled for profits not only benefits our environment, it saves you money! A few items with salvage value in residential demolition include windows, doors, trim, and flooring. A few items with recycling value in residential demolition include different types of metal, wiring, and sometimes structural brick.

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