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Duval Disposal has been serving Jacksonville, North Florida, and South Georgia with dumpsters, roll-off containers, front load containers, port-a-toilets, demolotion, and junk cleanup for decades.Whether you are a commercial client or a residential client doing some home remodeling we have your waste and dumpster needs covered.

Our staff is licensed, insured, and highly trained to make sure your junk hauled off and disposed of in an environmentally sensitive matter that complies with all local, state, and federal regulations.

Roll-Off Containers and Dumpsters Rentals anywhere in North Florida

We have dumpsters, roll off containers, hook lift containers, and front load containers for all your waste management rental needs. Are you remodeling your house, needing to get rid of some junk, or doing a large amount of yard work? Our prompt staff can have a container to you immediately from our Jacksonville, Florida headquarters.

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Do It Yourself, Rent a Dumpster or Roll Off Containers Today!

These containers are perfect for construction projects, remodeling, junk removal, yard waste and more. If you are removing hazardous materials we are able to help as well – abiding by all local, state, and federal standards.

Roll-Off Container












20-cu yd, open-top container
4,350 lbs
30-cu yd, open-top container
5.9 ‘
4,950 lbs
40-cu yd, open-top container
5,760 lbs
50-cu yd, open-top container
8,200 lbs


Front Load Containers for Commercial Locations! We will buy out your contract. 

We have a wide variety of front load containers for your commercial and residential waste management needs. Here are the sizes of front load containers we are ready to deliver within 24 hours.

Size Height Width Length
Square Back Containers 2 yd 2.7′ 5.9′ 3.2′
3 yd 4.3′ 5.9′ 3.5′
4 yd 4.3′ 5.9′ 4.5′
6 yd 5.3′ 5.9′ 5.5′
8 yd 6.8′ 5.9′ 5.5′
Slant/Notch Back Containers 4 yd 4.0′ 5.9′ 4.5′
6 yd 5.2′ 5.9′ 5.5′
8 yd 6.3′ 5.9′ 6.0′
Notch Back Containers 4 yd 4.3′ 5.9′ 4.5′
6 yd 5.3′ 5.9′ 5.5′
8 yd 6.8′ 5.9′ 5.5′
10 yd 6.8′ 5.9′ 6.7′


Small Hook Lift Dumpsters are perfect for Roofing and Small Construction Projects.

Our selection of hook lift containers is sure to meet your business needs. Below is a chart of the sizes we carry.

Hook Lift Container Sizes












7.5-cu yd, open top
12.5-cu yd, open top
18-cu yd, open-top
25-cu yd, open-top
35-cu yd, open-top



We Offer Garbage Compactors for Apartment Complexes and Shopping Malls

Duval Disposal has compactors for a variety of uses. We serve the food and beverage industries offering mixed solid waste and food waste. We also offer compactors for paper and cardboard use.

Contact us for an estimate on your break away or self contained compactor!

Compactor uses:

  • Environmentally friendly and can be used for recycling waste.
  • Good for restaurants because of odor and unwanted smell reduction.
  • Come in various capacities to meet your needs including 17 yd, 20 yd, 35 yd, 42 yd and more.
  • The high compactors operate on a ratio of 4-1 so you can place approximately 61 yards in a 17 yd compactor.


We are your Portable Toilets and Outdoor Sanitation Provider

Whether you have a big or small outdoor event, Duval Disposal’s friendly staff is ready to help your wedding, remodeling project, or outdoor event needs.

Not only do we offer the the traditional single and double toilet rentals, we have his and hers bathrooms, and can bring complete sanitation services with bathrooms, waiting areas, and running water!


Give us a call today at 904-751-2177 or contact us for your free portable sanitation and toilet estimate!



Building Demolition and Debris Cleanup in Duval County, Florida

We have experience taking down commercial and residential structures of many shapes and sizes. From a junk house to a multi-story business or hotel Duval Disposal safely complies with all aspects of the demolition and cleanup of the property.

  • Complete compliance with local, state, and federal regulations
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Over 20 years experience in demolition.
  • Experience with many types of structures such as shopping malls, commercial strips, business parts, and residential homes as well.

Give us a call today at 904-751-2177 or contact us for your demolition consultation!



Waste Management Services in North Florida

Recycling and Curbside Garbage Collection

For companies, municipalities, and developments of regional impact, we offer curbside garbage collection and recycling.

Transfer Stations

Duval Disposal can compact your garbage and deliver it to the nearest landfill. Even over long distances.


Contact us for an estimate for curside garbage collection and recycling



Duval Disposal will Remove Junk, Trash, Scrap Electronics and Above Ground Pools in Jacksonville, Florida

We can remove anything from your home business or property! From funiture, appliances, and landscaping waste to remodeling and construction debris. Even better, we can do that work for you including moving the items from the location that are at and placing them in one of our roll off dumpster.

Give us a call today at 904-751-2177 or contact us for your free junk removal service estimate!



Offering Waste Management Services in North Florida for over 25 years!

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