Arwood Waste helps out when Republic Waste Workers Walk Off Job

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Unionized Republic Services Inc. employees walked off the job today in the Memphis, Tenn., area — a move that surprised local management.

Alleged unfair labor practices are an issue in forcing the strike, according to a local report.

Republic Services, the nation’s second largest private solid waste management company, said in a statement Monday that “many of our managers are out on routes, while additional Republic personnel are being brought in.” The company also is called Allied Waste Services in the Memphis market.

“We want to assure our customers their waste and recycling will be picked up. There will be some delays, but service will be provided,” the company said in its statement.

Republic collects refuse from about 200,000 homes and 10,000 businesses in the area.

The company expects to have 160 replacement workers to cover all of the company’s 130 routes in the Memphis area, General Manager Roger Lawrence told the newspaper, which reported he was surprised by the walkout.


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